Bulky Timber Loads? Try Combilift’s CB Forklift

Wood products in the timber industry come in different shapes, sizes, and weights, making them tricky to handle. From timber frames to long pieces, these bulky loads often need special treatment. Regular forklifts struggle with this variety, sometimes requiring extra forklifts or operators lifting loads unsafely to avoid obstacles.

This is why Combilift designed the Combi-CB, the all-rounder multidirectional forklift. With capacities ranging from 2,500kg up to 4,000kg, the innovative Combi-CB is the original multidirectional counterbalance forklift for handling timber. More compact than a conventional forklift, the CB is perfect for transporting goods such as palletised loads but has the added advantage of carrying long loads in sideways mode.

The unique four-way direction of the CB makes these forklifts agile and versatile in their movement capabilities. This manoeuvrability feature gives the forklifts the ability to transport long loads, such as timber trusses, with the benefit of ease of movement from indoor to outside settings. This adaptability allows for seamless transportation from hardware materials to construction goods, enhancing overall workflow in this sector.


For companies transporting long loads they can often face loss of inventory due to products being damaged throughout the transportation process, a serious problem for warehouse management. The materials must be protected, as well as the goods taken quickly and precisely when being moved, so limiting the loss of inventory through product damage is key in this process. This feature in the CB trucks means the operator can alter the direction of travel, allowing the wood to be safely moved in narrow aisles and around obstacles with confidence and ultimately safely.


By seamlessly merging the truck’s movement capabilities with its compact yet robust construction, this truck reduces the need for additional equipment. Driver visibility is maximised by its off-centre and high seating positioning, which is fully protected by the sturdy roll cage. Controls are intuitive and ergonomically positioned for driver comfort and the seat has full suspension and is fully adjustable.

In conclusion, the Combi-CB is a revolutionary piece of machinery that addresses the unique challenges faced by the timber industry. With its multidirectional capabilities, it not only enhances safety and efficiency but also reduces operational costs. Each of the CB models are fully customisable, tailored precisely to cater to the unique preferences for each customer. Not sure which Combilift is the right one for you? Contact our product specialists today on 01569 768014 or email sales@groundwater.uk.com and we will help you find the right forklift for your timber operations.

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