Kalmar 9 - 18 TON Trucks Electric ⚡

With Kalmar’s latest-generation electric forklift trucks, you get the best of both worlds – all the performance of a powerful diesel truck but without the emissions, noise and vibration.

Key Features

Lifting capacity KG 5000–9000
Load centre MM 600–1100
Wheel base MM 2100–2800
Engine Electric
Cab options EGO & EGO OHG


Harness the Power

The power of choice
Kalmar’s range of 9-18 ton electric forklifts now come with a choice of battery technology, either Lead Acid or Lithium-ion, a range of different masts, lifting capacities and attachments so we can build the right solution for you.

Good for business, great for the environment
Now you have a choice of electric power solutions. Lead-Acid or Lithium-ion. Lead-Acid batteries are great for single shift operations as they last for 1200-1400 cycles before the batteries need to be swapped and recharged. Lithium-ion batteries can last for up to 4,000 work cycles as they are fully integrated and can be charged during idle time, quickly.

A better and safer driving environment
By combining highly responsive handling with superior visibility, your driver will be safer and feel more in control. They are also better for your drivers as electrically powered forklifts produce no fumes, vibrate less and are quieter, making them ideal for working indoors and out or handling super sensitive goods.

The power of safety
By combining highly responsive handling with superior cabin visibility, your driver will be safer and feel in control at all times. With non-slip three-point access, entering and exiting the cab will also be safer. There is also a range of additional options that can further enhance operational safety including: Reverse Warning Cameras, Fire Suppression Systems and Speed Limiters.

Reduce energy consumption by 20%

With Kalmar ECO Drive you can reduce your power consumption by up to an additional 20%. With three different power settings, Economy, Normal and Power Modes, your driver can select the one that is most suited to the task at hand without compromising on the operational power required.

Smooth and quiet
Driving an electric forklift truck is a smooth, clean and quiet experience, with little vibration, no fumes, and very low noise levels, your drivers will be both healthier, safer and happier.

A simpler design
Electric forklifts have less moving parts than diesel models. This will reduce the time, effort and money you spend on maintenance. As fewer spare parts are required, your replacement costs and stock levels will also be substantially reduced.

Safe and quick
As all servicing points are accessible from ground level, your team can complete servicing task faster and safer. The cabin can also be lifted hydraulically providing easy access to the electric driveline.

Ergonomically designed
The EGO cabin has been ergonomically designed to improve both your driver’s comfort and operational control. With an adjustable steering wheel, seat and control panels, everything is within easy reach for your driver.

Improved diagnostics
Kalmar’s latest diagnostic system detects faults and automatically displays standardised error codes on the operator’s display for immediate action. If a service technician needs to be called in, repairs are faster and downtime less, as parts can be sourced in advance based on the diagnostic data.

Charge batteries easily
Lead-Acid batteries can be switched easily with an overhead crane or forklift pockets can be fitted and batteries can then be quickly swapped over using another forklift. Charging can then occur in a ventilated space overnight.

As Lithium-ion batteries are fully integrated, you can either recharge the battery during idle time or plug them in for longer periods overnight to achieve a full charge. You do not need to remove Lithium-ion batteries or charge them in a ventilated space.

Optimise your fleet
Kalmar Insight is a performance management tool that allows you to track your equipment while operating, making it easier for you to make decisions that will help improve your overall operations.