Kalmar 60 – 72 TON Trucks

Kalmar’s G-generation forklifts feature the latest in fuel-efficient technology and offer low total cost of ownership. For demanding applications such as steel and wood handling, they provide the best possible return on investment.

Key Features

Lifting capacity KG 60000–72000
Load centre MM 1000-1500
Wheel base MM 5750
Engine Volvo TAD1172VE
Transmission ZF
Cab options EGO Cabin


Ready to take on your heaviest of loads

No matter what you are lifting in your foundry, factory, terminal or assembly line, the new Kalmar Super Heavy Forklift will do it efficiently, effectively and safely. It can lift the heaviest loads without compromising its manoeuvrability, agility or the safety and comfort of your operator. With increased lowering and lifting speeds and a highly efficient and powerful driveline, you can expect a forklift that will become a central part of your logistics chain.

Efficiency without compromise
Often a more efficient driveline, means compromising on power. By combining a highly efficient and powerful engine with an 5+3 speed gearbox and reliable drive axle, you will have all the power you need, yet benefit from reduced fuel consumption. All Kalmar engine alternatives are complaint with the latest EU Stage 4/Tier 4 emissions standards.

Comfortable and smart
Kalmar’s new super heavy forklift comes fitted with our EGO cabin, the ultimate
operating environment for your driver. With its ergonomic design, smarter functions and a more intuitive workspace, your drivers will be able to operate at their most productive every day, without compromising on safety.

Up to 90% less CO2 emission with HVO100 fuel
Kalmar Stage 3,4 & 5 reachstackers, forklifts, terminal tractors and empty container handlers fitted with Volvo or Cummins engines are now certified to use HVO100. If you own a certified machine, you just need to discuss with your local Kalmar support team if your equipment needs a minor upgrade or it is ready to start using HVO straight away.

It’s quick and easy to get fitted and will start cutting your CO2 emissions by up to 90% as soon as you start using HVO100 Fuel.

To find out more about HVO100 click here

choose your performace level

Kalmar’s super heavy forklift comes with ECO-Drive, giving three different power modes to choose from. The three different power modes are:

Power Mode: when speed is of the essence. With Power Mode you will be able to move quickly around the yard, lift and lower at full speed, without compromising on safety.

Normal Mode: when you need to retain some speed. With a slightly reduced engine speed you can expect 5-15% lower running and fuel costs than Power Mode.

Economy Mode: when you need the lowest running costs. With the engine speed reduced even further you can expect 10-25% lower running and fuel costs.

All the lifting speed you need, when you need it
Kalmar’s variable hydraulic lifting system is able to sense the weight of the load and apply the right amount of power to move it quickly and efficiently. This system can reduce your lifting cycles by up to 40% in comparison to conventional lifting systems.

Optimise your fleet
Kalmar Insight is a performance management tool that allows you to track your equipment while operating, making it easier for you to make decisions that will help improve your overall operations.