BT Levio S-Series

The BT Levio LWE130 is a robust but extremely lightweight truck that can carry load so with ease over short to medium distances. BT Levio W-Series are compact trucks with a full range of capacities. All models, from 1400 kg to 2500 kg, share the same compact design – easy to use, with impressive handling capacity, which means they are suited to all types of application.

Key Features

BT Levio S-series models are small and manoeuvrable. A fully enclosed stand-in cab gives maximum driver protection, whilst retaining a compact overall size to allow maximum manoeuvrability in congested and busy areas.

Load Capacity @ 600 mm Load Centre 2.0 T
Maximum Travel Speed 10.5 KM / H
Maximum Battery Capacity 620 Ah

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Truck Features
Automatic Parking Brake Standard
Bogie Fork Wheels Standard
Electronic Braking System Standard
Electronic Regenerative Brakes (Motor) Standard
Electronic Speed Control Standard
Controls & Instruments
Automatic Deceleration Standard
Electronic Fingertip Controls Standard
Emergency Cut-Off Standard
Hour Meter Standard
Power / Electronic Steering Standard
Operator Features
Adjustable Backrest Standard
Driver Detection System Standard
Low Step-in Standard
Storage Compartmentd Standard
Writing Table Optional
Maintenance Features
Easy Access For Maintenance Standard
Maintenance Features
Easy Access For Maintenance Standard
Battery Management Features
Battery Status Indicator Standard
Sideways Battery Change Optional
Special Applications
EEx Version (ATEX) Optional